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How Can I Be An Effective Tutor?

Luigi Reparado| October 24, 2017

To be an effective teacher is always what new teachers aspire. It is important that your students actually learn in your class, and it’s almost like you should guarantee that your lessons will run smoothly.

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Your Crucial 5 Minute Break: How to Maximize It

Luigi Reparado| October 17, 2017

Online classes in Bibo are 25 minutes long, (meaning that you can conduct 2 classes in an hour) and you have 5 minutes before your next class. As an online English teacher, the 5-minute breaks between classes are golden.

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So, There is a World Teacher’s Day?

Luigi Reparado| October 11, 2017

This day would have just passed-by without us even being aware of it. Let’s not forget to greet our teachers and give them a compliment and a hug. For this month, we have planned different things for our teachers, read more to also watch a video we have prepared.

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