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Working at home is not for everyone. It is not always sunshine and rainbows. Here’s the list of the most common problems with working at home and how you can fix them.

1. Problem: Distractions

Your home might be your haven, but it can also be a cesspool of madness that will drive you insane. You might think that working in an office might be more distracting, but it is not always the case. Since your house is full of things that can split your focus and concentration, the right setting will always help.


Always start your day working at home with an organized desk. It might sound too simple, but it is all about perspective. Setting up a working space in your home will do wonders on your concentration. Pick the time of the day where you won’t be distracted with other activities at home like doing chores or going out.

2. Problem: Lack of Discipline

It is always important to show that you are a responsible adult at work. At home, it is something you don’t think would matter, since there is no boss to monitor the way you work. In reality, it is more than that. Lack of discipline can result to a lot of unfinished work and unproductivity.


Develop better working habits. A lot of times, distraction and lack of discipline go hand-in-hand. Creating a good working habit will most probably beat both. After a certain task is done, reward yourself with a short break.

 3.Problem: Isolation

Free from office-politics and gossiping is a drama-free world that you can indulge. It’s amazing, right? But not being able to interact with anyone personally can make you feel like a modern-day hermit.


Try to find ways to interact with your work peers even if you are at home. There are various activities that companies do for their employees who are home-based. Try to join these activities and not sulk up – to begin with, working at home has a lot of perks.

4. Problem: Inconsistent or longer working hours

Go back to the day when you rejoiced the moment you decided to work at home. The first thing you thought is “screw traffic.” Working at home means you are spared from traveling to work, but you never actually thought that this will result to more hours poured to working. It is so easy to lose track at home, and the comfort it gives will lead you to work longer.


Make it a habit to stick to a schedule. Set your working hours. Again, the power of scheduling will save you from a lot of troubles when working at home. This way, you will not extend your working hours that ends up eating up your personal time.

5. Problem: Less Work-Life Separation

Since you already work at home, work-life separation is hard to see and easy to blur. A unified work and personal life is not always healthy and can result to lack of focus and unproductivity.


Avoid multi-tasking. Do not read emails or work on times that you have previously allotted for personal activities. It is very important that you stick to a schedule that keeps yourself from crossing boundaries you have set for personal and work time.

6. Problem: Lack of Professionalism

I never see how wearing pajamas while working could be a problem. Lack of professionalism is more than that. Working at home lacks a professional atmosphere. You can easily feel isolated and feel like you are not on track of your work. It is easy to feel unmotivated and not included.


Create a good relationship with your workmates and always keep updated with what’s happening at work. A strong bonded relationship will easily glue you back to working and will instantly give you a sense of belongingness.

Challenging situations are always present wherever your work, either in an office or at home. Creating the right atmosphere, a healthy mind-set and an unwavering dedication will always lead you in the right lane

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