Bibo Global Oppurtunity Inc.

Working as a Bibo Tutor is an enjoyable job. But what does an Online English Tutor have to go through before starting?

If you are considering to be part of Bibo Global Opportunity Inc., this blog will walk you through the application process.

For starters, do not forget to CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS. It’s always wise to be prepared for the battlefield. Of course, we don’t wanna compromise the quality of its teaching services. So! What are the things expected of you? 

  • You should be at least 18 years old and above.
  • You should have a functioning laptop or desktop.
  • You should have a working headset and a webcam.
  • A wired and stable internet connection is a must. Why? They need to make sure that there are no annoying technical interruptions.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • You need to be in an ideal working environment to avoid any distractions. You need to have a plain, presentable and quiet background.



This one is easy. You just need to fill out the application form with the complete details, and please, make sure not to miss out anything. 



You will receive an email notifying that you have passed the screening process. You will then be asked to schedule your Skype Interview via You Can Book Me. Prepare your Skype ID and make sure that all the requirements are already prepared before the Skype interview.



During this step, the interviewer will add you to Skype and will notify you with your interview. You must be online 30 minutes before the interview. Make sure that you have all the requirements for the system check. If you feel nervous, just calm down and try to enjoy the whole process. Treat your interviewer as your future student. Be confident and smile always!



Good job for reaching this step! But don’t get too excited. You really need to focus to take note of every detail that your trainer will teach you. Everything is essential and necessary. The ultimate goal here is to prepare you to be one of the best online English tutors all over the world. So listen attentively, pay attention to every detail and take note of every instruction.

Trainers will provide materials for the demo lesson. Take time to study and memorize the script and lesson flow. You can do this!



Now that you’ve come this far. Wear your most presentable attire and your best smile. Make sure that you are already familiar with the spiels and the lesson flow. During the demo lesson, speak clearly and confidently. Use hand gestures and always smile. Be engaging, build rapport with your student and don’t forget to relax and enjoy the class.



Hang in there, good fella! You are almost done. In this step, you will know the do’s and don’ts of being a Bibo tutor. You will learn the policies, guidelines and the features of the website which will help you maximize your time and resources. More than that, the orientation will make you in sync with Bibo’s goal, values, and culture. This is gonna be legendary!



You are almost done! You just need to provide a decent profile photo and a creative video which will be shown on your tutor profile/account. Make sure to be extra presentable so that students will book your class. Don’t worry, guidelines for the photo and video will be provided! Make sure to follow it to avoid retakes.



You made it! Now, suit up, prepare all the equipment needed, and start teaching! Remember that if you want to earn more, you need to work more. And oh, please avoid cancellations! Smile more, teach more, earn more. Happy teaching!


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