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Working at home can be easily compared to living in the garden of Eden. You are Eve and it is very tempting to bite in the fruit of procrastination. Easy and dangerous. Numerous distractions can show up and hamper your work productivity. Working at home also requires planning and scheduling things. Here are a few ways that could make working at home happier, easier and a lot more productive.

1. Start your day in the morning

Working at home and setting up an alarm every morning sounds unnecessary and so much work already. This might be true, but not totally a drag. Doing so will help you get things done early which will also encourage you to create a schedule that you can follow throughout your day. Waking up early also promotes a healthier sleep schedule – generating a healthier body and mind, for it also gives us a sense of routine.


2. Create a schedule

“There is a time and place for everything.” – this usually gets blurred when everything you do is at home. Create a schedule so you can try to do certain tasks at certain times. This will create a balance between slacking off and overworking, which is very easy to do when you work at home.


3. Don’t forget to eat your meals

Eating habits are very important for our health, so throwing them out of the window won’t do you any good. When creating your schedule, don’t forget to include your meals in it. Working at home is supposed to feel like a privilege, and not a bootcamp. Don’t forget to eat your meals on time.


4. Keep your private place holy

Work time is work time. When you turn your bedroom into your office space, it is not impossible for people you live with to distract you intentionally or unintentionally. It is important for you to create a working space that is private and productive. Set up a working policy that everyone you live with can understand. In this way, no one can just barge in and interrupt your working hours. This will help you get work done. If you live by yourself, create a working space that can help you to be in a productive state of mind.


5. Try to dress up

I personally like being in my undies all day when I’m at home. Let’s just say, it’s more “freeing”. I’m sure this is very tempting for everyone who work at home, especially the point of it includes not dressing up. Although fun, this will make you feel slobbish after a while. Making yourself look presentable, despite the fact your workplace is also your home, will ensure you perceive working hours as it should be – time to work, be productive and get things done. Days off are the ones for letting yourself go.


6. Go out and breathe

A short walk everyday will make you feel a part of the world we live in. Locking up inside your room all day can make you feel isolated at times. Enjoy the little things that working at home provides you. Go to the grocery store, walk your dog or even just get the mail. A bit of exercising will do wonders for your body and mind, so always make sure to seize all the privileges working at home and having a flexible schedule has to offer.

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