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Digital nomads are the new rock stars of our society. Mankind has always been a nomadic species. Following the stars and sailing across islands is the way of life. But modern society had us trapped in a proverbial rat race, where the way of life is confined by the unending cycle of house and work (with some occasional fun).

A lot of people today aspire to be digital nomads. Although, given the economy and other barriers in our society, this is not something that can be achieved easily.

Thanks to modern technology, these barriers are being pushed where work opportunities can be found outside of an office.


There are many online jobs to choose from, but to be able to enjoy this way of life requires a lot of research, dedication and an ounce of luck. Digital nomads find jobs with a decent pay, and they usually spend it in third world countries where everything is cheaper for them to afford vacation-like living. But what if you are already living in a third-world country? Is there a chance for you to live this kind of life?


The answer is yes. Although looking for the right job for this life might take you years to find. Don’t lose hope. There are still opportunities where you can have a life not so far from the nomadic way of living.

I’m talking about online English tutoring or simply called as ESL tutoring. With this job, everything is simple. All you need is a laptop and hours to teach English. The only thing that’s stopping you to fulfill your full nomadic fantasy is the wired internet connection. Don’t frown, having a really flexible schedule will still allow you to visit the beaches or the mountains. This job does not require you to have a specific schedule or number of hours to work. Work as much as you want and take vacations whenever you want.


Part of the nomadic experience is the chance to meet new people everyday from various parts of the world. This is also possible with this job. You will have students from all over the world, with conversations that is just as random and colorful. You will definitely learn a lot from your students just as they will from you.

Make the shift, work as an online English tutor today. Click here to apply!


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