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Congratulations! You have officially entered the adult world! In the real game of life, the next stage is making your own money. You do this by landing your first job. There are very important things that you need to know. Your first job will basically help you search for the career you want to pursue (or not) along the way.

Update Your Resume

The first thing you have to prepare is your resume. Generally, a resume is scanned within 25 seconds. Make sure that your resume is well organized, easy to read and as short as possible.

If this is your first time writing a resume, review the different parts of the resume. Since you will probably be applying for an entry-level job, employers do not expect for you to have any job experience. You can write about your experiences in school, like organization work, volunteer activities, civic groups, and other youth organizations.

Use this chance to highlight the skills that will be most needed or suitable for the position. Don’t just send a generic resume to your prospective employers! Always write a cover letter. This is a letter sent with your resume that shows your enthusiasm to be a part of the team and the skills you have.

The Unattainable “Dream Job”

Be patient when looking for a job. Be realistic. There are a handful lucky people who find their dream job or company on their first try. If it happens that doors close on you, use the experience to find a different company in the same industry. Your experience in your previous interview will prepare you for the next one. Personally, the more interviews I get, the better I perform on the next. You will be more comfortable talking and answering questions.

It is perfectly fine to take your time figuring things out. Most often than not, your first job will help you find which path to truly pursue. If you dislike your first or current path, don’t fret, it’s part of the process.

Social Media is the New Windows to Your Soul

Be mindful what you post online. I’m sure you have heard of stories of employees getting fired because their social media accounts unintentionally have ratted them out. This happens to applicants as well, hiring managers, also check their candidates’ social media activities.

Be smart with privacy. The last thing you want is to jeopardize your potential first job by your wild last-Friday night party photo. Your social media account is the reflection of you and your character. Always guard your reputation. Photos of your wild drinking nights in college or potentially offensive jokes made on Twitter or Facebook will do you no favors.

Make Extra Money While You’re Looking

Find ways to earn while you look for a job. It is great to have a side-hustle while planning your future. Who knows, you might love your side job so much that you won’t even need to find a different one after all. In the digital age, freelancing has been easier than ever. This is a good foundation for building your work experience with lesser pressure. There are certain jobs that will let you set your own schedule, like Bibo or Grab. This is perfect when you are looking for a job since your earning potential depends on your efforts.

Earning on the side can help you with various expenses. It will sustain you while looking for the job you are really aiming for.

Unavoidable Road Bumps

After graduating, most people get frustrated when they see their friends land their ideal jobs, while they can’t even seem to get an interview. When the frustration hits you, try again. Take note of the errors you committed in your last interview. Practicing for an interview is also not a bad idea. An interview is like a performance itself.

Remember the frequent questions that pop up. Prepare your answers and make it personal. Having said so, don’t seem too rehearsed. Be spontaneous, but be sure. Confidence can come a long way.

Follow these tips and it will give you the right encouragement to start looking for your dream job. Happy job-hunting! Apply now as a Bibo tutor!


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