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It’s as good as traveling

There are different reasons why people travel. One of them is to meet new and different individuals and get acquainted with their culture. When you work as an online English tutor, it’s basically just like traveling from the comfort of your own home. You will meet students from different countries and cultures.

Tutors also learn from their students. You will become familiar with their native language and you will be open about their cultures as well. Most of all, it is very fulfilling to know that you have a significant contribution to your student’s English communication skills. You are making connections with different individuals.

Bibo’s services are available in 13 different countries.


Learn new things

Lesson materials are very important for English tutors. That is why it is convenient if they are already provided. Bibo uses learning materials from Cambridge, Pearson, Eiken, and Oxford Let’s Go, just to name a few. It is a significant help with conducting lessons as it will also sharpen your teaching techniques. This will help you save time from creating your own.

Bibo uses these lesson materials

Teacher support

Teacher support is one of the services some ESL companies provide. It is a good way to encourage and motivate tutors. The teacher support team usually handles all inquiries from teache rs. They assist you with problems regarding your classes. It can be about the teaching materials, or about the students. They can also assist you in different personal concerns about your job. Aside from that, they also provide one-on-one coaching.

Working at home can make you feel isolated, especially as a freelancer. Having a teacher team support will give you a sense of belonging. It sets a professional environment, even when you work at home (where work-life balance gets blurred at times). We want to make sure that you can work as smoothly as possible without any hassle or problems.

Bibo provides round-the-clock teacher support.

Enjoy Your Personal Space

Having your personal space is important to have a healthy work-life balance. This is one of the biggest advantages of working as a home-based online tutor. You will have time for your hobbies and other activities (you can even do your laundry during your work break). You are basically in charge of your own time. Maximizing your whole day while working will give you an instant fulfillment of accomplishing tasks in and outside work.

Work Smart

You can plot your own schedule. You can open classes as much as you want, in whatever time you please. Hard work is always rewarded. You can be in charge of how much you earn, depending on how frequent you open classes. Incentives are also given if you are performing well. Be in charge of how much you earn while having the luxury of managing your personal life. Take a vacation whenever you want. It’s not impossible to get your well-deserved break when you’re an online English tutor.

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