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Summer has officially begun! We all have different ideas on how to spend this glorious time of the year. However, some don’t take advantage of this season. Here’s a few tips on how you can spend your summer season productively while having lots of fun!

Be Creative

Summer is the perfect time to start a creative project. Channel your inner artist and try different mediums such as photography, film making, or even painting. The good thing about this is you don’t have any limitations on what you can do, and at the end of summer, you will end up with an inspiring and memorable piece that you can call yours. Whether it be a short film, a painting or even a simple collage of your artwork.

Make money

This season also brings a lot of opportunities; create simple money making hacks by taking advantage of the demand summer brings. You could sell items that people will look for this scorching hot weather. If you are an aspiring business person, online selling would be great for this season.

If you are allergic to the sun and you just wanna cave in until the season ends, online work might be worth exploring. Work in the cool comforts of your own home and try something like online English tutoring or Virtual Assisting.

Burn Calories

When everyone is getting ready for summer, (just like me) you are probably still munching on some Salted-Egg Chips, and before you know it, its the abs season. Now that the days are hotter, burning off fat and calories will be a little easier. Take advantage of the summer heat and try to whip your body into tip-top beach-ready shape.

Join Workshops

A quick search on Google will generate dozens of results for summer workshops in your area. Be adventurous and make new experiences through joining activities that you have been wanting to dive yourself into. There are many experts of various fields learn from them and enhance your life. There are different workshops that will help you make money, learn a hobby, or even fix personal troubles.

Enhance Yourself

Play an instrument or learn a new language. Learning new things causes the brain to build new connections between neurons, even replacing some of those we lose over time. This will not only give your brain a boost, but might actually open a new world of opportunities for you!

Be More Cultured

As they say, the world is your oyster. Visit places that have been sitting on your bucket list for a long time. Learn about their culture and most importantly try their cuisine. The more you know about the place you are visiting, the better your experience will be. Immerse and be the traveler you’ve always wanted to become.

Have a productive summer and earn!
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