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The new year brings the indulgence of retrospection and revaluation of our life choices. It is the perfect chance to sit down and prepare a list of goals we want to achieve. Although, it is a common fact that sticking to this list we create is not the easiest.

This makes me wonder, why are we not good at achieving the goals we set for ourselves? We often lack a consistent systematic approach on achieving them – the process of doing things is just as important as the goal we set. Learning to be process-oriented will take us far as being goal-oriented, which brings us to the question: how can we work smarter, and not harder? I have listed down ways how you can start the 2018 smarter.

Create a Schedule


Time management is an important part of working smart. Scheduling often results to organized work. Often times, we dive right in when we want to finish something, not thinking about the most efficient way of doing things.

Determine the best time for you to work,  create a schedule that will also include other activities outside work. The good thing nowadays are jobs that offer flexible schedule, enabling you to commit as many hours as you possibly can. Stick to the schedule you have planned, and in no time, your new habit will be instilled.

Unexpected Free Time


Unexpected free time usually does not result to productive work; but it doesn’t mean that it will completely go to waste. Meeting got cancelled? Use this time wisely by filling it with small activities. You can use it as a time to relax and meditate, you can also perform menial tasks too – like replying to messages, or answering emails.

Use your idle time or unexpected free time for things that need to be done, but are not an important priority for your day.

Allot Ample Time


Get to know yourself and how fast you work. Make personal deadlines —this will help you keep track of your schedule. We love creating a to-do-list, but we never allot time for the work that needs to be done. This is one of the reasons why we do not finish the things we need to accomplish. Everyday tasks pile up easily and it become overwhelming. Set up goals and allocate a sufficient time for each one of them.

Provide a Room for Error


Mistakes are a very mundane occurrence as unforeseeable events are inevitable. Include this in your time table. Try not to pressure yourself too much when you don’t accomplish things right away. It is important that you understand that it’s better for things to be accomplished, rather than completely giving up and abandoning them.

The things mentioned above are ways that can help you assess things clearly before performing them. Working smart doesn’t always equate to laziness. Combined with hard work, it will always result to more work being done. The new year is perfect time to analyze your life and all of its facets. Create a more productive schedule and lifestyle. Evaluate your career path and your personal life. The start of the year might be the perfect time to change them.

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