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Living in a travel-hungry generation makes me wonder, am I missing out on experiencing life because I am not traveling as much? We all have reasons why we travel. I like traveling and having a relaxing escape from the busy city life, others, prefer to travel and to live their lives in a backpack. The life created for us does not always support the suitcase lifestyle we want. Time and money is the luxury to support it, which not all of us can afford.

I am not writing this post to convince people to leave their jobs, find the nearest developing country and live a digital nomad life. Not everyone is willing to leave the life they already have to free their Gypsy souls off to wander around the world. I have written in my previous article how learning another language can be just as good as traveling. Now, I am writing this for people who want a different approach.

Don’t be a Newspaper Snob

I cannot stress enough anymore how technology plays a big role in most learning processes. Make use of your phone and computers in learning other cultures. I personally like current events, so one of the best ways for me is through reading the news. It doesn’t necessary to learn another language to learn about a different culture. Be aware and in return, the things you read about will teach you a thing or two.

Use Social Media

Do not just use social media to stalk your crush or your ex. We all burn time checking our favorite social media, so why not use it as a learning tool? Follow pages that you are particularly interested on in a culture. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to follow people or organizations to learn about a specific culture and other things like their cuisine, fashion, entertainment, or art.

Dig Deep By Asking Questions

Sometimes our curiosity can only be solved by asking questions. As an inquisitive human being, following pages on social media is not enough for me. There are local communities or forums that accept questions and conversations. I particularly like Reddit to ask questions, and surprisingly, they provide authentic insightful answers to specific questions you ask. Who knows, you might end up with a friend halfway around the world at the end of the day.

Watch Different Videos About It

There are a lot of videos available online that is intended to inform and educate people about cultures. I like using Youtube and follow channels that provide current content on different cultural views in the modern world. I like channels like Broadly, Vice or I-D – they provide a lot of videos about current situations everywhere around the world that we don’t even know exist. It is like living different people’s lives through your own computer screen.

Take It To The Next Level

Meet new people through the internet. This is not as promiscuous as you might think. There are many ways you can meet people online without the shady nature that usually always comes with it. Websites like Speaky would connect you to other people around the world to learn languages. It is a language exchange community. There are also ways to teach your language like English online where in exchange you will learn their culture. Not a bad way to learn and earn money at the same time right? You might even score yourself a part-time job or a new career.

It is not impossible to learn with all the resources we have now-a-days. A little creativity mixed with the things you enjoy (like being online 24/7) can do more than waste your time.

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