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For those who still have no clue what teaching English online is all about, here is an article to help you get the gist of what really happens in this job.

Technology continues to evolve and change in  a lot of ways, and thanks to Skype, video calls have never been so useful. It goes beyond with just keeping in touch with your friends, it developed a new mode of learning and working: teaching online via Skype.

Why Teach English Online via Skype?

One word: Convenience. Online teaching is very convenient not only for tutors, but for students as well. Tutors can do it anytime, and students can do it anywhere. Aside from the fact that this is a booming industry, it is very effective and accessible to anyone with a computer and a webcam. Students can learn in a 1-on-1 setting for a cheaper price than a normal face-to-face classes.

As a tutor, you can also save time from preparing since online classes are usually discussion-based.

Who Can Teach Online?

A lot of online tutors are doing it for the convenience, it is common that you will see students, stay-at-home moms or freelancers do it. A lot of people also do it to earn in their spare time, it is a very good supplement for their income. The reason why this platform of teaching is chosen is to avoid the hassle of going to work and having a specific schedule.

The booking system is another reason why tutors love working online. Through this system, it is possible to get a variety of students – which is also a key component. No two classes are the same; you will teach students from different nationalities, levels, and backgrounds.

What Will You Be Doing?

As a tutor, you will be teaching a student through a theme-based discussion. Aside from teaching, you are expected to make corrections, encourage response and participation from the student.

Most of the students are returning ones. Meaning, they have previously studied English but lack the fluency or the ability to converse naturally in English. This is why majority of the lessons are conversational in nature.

Lessons may touch the topics on hobbies, culture, sports, films, and day-to-day ordinary activities. It is also normal for you to write lesson summaries, send corrections by Skype and setting homework-like activities that they could do to improve their mistakes.

What You’ll Need to Teach Online

To have a successful career in teaching online, you will need a good and reliable internet connection; Skype, a webcam, headset and a quiet working environment. Aside from the tangible requirements, it is also important for you to be friendly,communicative, patient and punctual.

Your Pay and Conditions

The base rate is paid per 25-minute class. When you sum it up, an 8-hour work day is paid as much as $20. And the monthly pay you will get will depend on the classes you’ve done within a month. Aside from that, incentives are added. Expect an income of $600-$800 for an 8-10 hour work-day in a month – in the comfort of your home with the schedule you prefer.



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