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“Live fast, die young.” — with the fast pace we live our daily lives, this doesn’t seem so impossible, especially with the stress it brings. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death, which is very alarming. It is not impossible to fight stress even in small portions of efforts. I have listed 6 simple things that could help you combat stress.

1. Find what triggers you

Finding the cause of your stress is the most important part of distressing. Eliminating all your stress is practically like a fungus that itches and won’t leave your body. It is impossible to remove them entirely, although understanding the causes of your stress will help the underlying problem.

We all react to stress differently, mentally and physically. Finding the cause is the first step to prepare for it which will help us find the balance.


2. Move your body

Exercising can actually help combat stress. Our body needs exercise to function in its full condition. You will feel stronger and more energized and that will help you prepare in managing stress.

No matter what your fitness level is, you just have to find the right exercise that fits your mind and body. To be able to sustain exercising in your lifestyle, make sure that it is also enjoyable for yourself.


3. Meditate

Feeling calm and peace in your life can make you feel relaxed. Relaxing is all about removing your mind of the stresses in life. This can be achieved through meditation. Meditation is very simple to do. Find a comfortable place, close your eyes, relax your body and focus on one thing (this could be breathing, an object, or even a picture in your mind). You can do this even for just 10 minutes in your day.


4. Eat healthily and properly

Eating right will give your body the energy it needs to face whatever life throws at you, including stress. Eating well keep also help you be in a good mood for also affects how you see your diet.


5. Sleep

When we are working, the first thing we usually neglect is getting the enough sleep. Sleep is very essential to a healthier mind and body. It will help you relax and well-rested, which is the best way to face stressful situations. One thing that is also important is the quality of sleep not just the duration. Getting a shorter but quality sleep is better than a long interrupted sleep.


6. Travel and go for an adventure

Hit the road once in a while. Go on a hike or visit the nearest beach. Having a short vacation can help if you are feeling burned out and stressed. It will do wonders for your health as well. No matter the distance, or the duration, a good vacation is always something you can look forward to.


7. Schedule wisely

When we create our schedules, we cram up so many things that we tend to be really exhausted or frustrated for not finishing every task you wrote. You will either multitask or do everything hastily — this is too stressful. When creating a schedule, make sure that you give enough time for each tasks. Allot enough time as well in between tasks to avoid multitasking. Rushing and having a ton-load of tasks will make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Working should be fun and enjoyable. Start your application stress-free. Apply now to be an online English tutor:


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