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This day would have just passed-by without us even being aware of it. The World Teachers’ Day falls on the 5th of October. It started on the same date in the year of 1994 and it has been celebrated on that date ever since. It is the day when different countries around the world commemorate teachers with the purpose of showing appreciation, and support to their cause to providing the needs of the future generation.

The celebration of the World Teachers’ Day is very unique since it is considered to be the longest celebration to honor more than 500,000 teachers nationwide. It starts on September 5 to October 5, which is according to the Presidential Proclamation No. 242, which is actually the proclamation of the National Teachers’ Month.

We all value our tutors so much; we all grew up around them. In fact, we all have a silly story to tell about our experiences as a student. Personally, I think I wasn’t the best student for a teacher to have; and I am glad the they still did their best to teach a brat like me.

The Bibo Team is very excited about this day, as our tutors never fail to amaze us with their intelligence, hard work, and dedication. For this month, we have planned different things for them. To kick-off this month’s celebration, we collected a couple of short messages from their students and compiled it to a short video. You can watch the video below or you can visit our Youtube page here.

So for this day, let’s not forget to greet our teachers and give them a compliment and a hug. Aside from that, let us not forget that they are the people (aside from our parents) who truly helped us be who we are today.

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