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English has become the world’s common language. About a quarter of the world’s population speaks English and it is forecasted that by 2020, two billion people will be speaking or learning it.

There are different reasons why people are learning English. One of the most significant reasons is the economic potential it creates. Today, English has created different advantages for its speakers. It generates opportunities and strengthens employment chances. A lot of companies use English as a corporate language that is considered as a core skill requirement for its employees.

Being the universal language of business, it also means that it is the most widely taught language. Learning English has become a necessity and ESL speakers have grown so much that it is double the size of the native speakers.

Younger students

A lot of schools worldwide are starting to teach English in schools as early as possible. This trend is seen in the ESL industry with students getting younger as well. Parents are seeing the value that having strong English skills offer their children better employment opportunities in the future.

Teaching younger students online can be challenging as well. But there are different strategies and techniques that online courses offer. With students becoming younger, a more modern approach can be used to fit their lifestyle and demands.

Teaching and Technology

With our lives revolving around technology, the ESL industry has adapted as well. This is an effective way to teach today’s English learners. There are different websites that offer these courses, Engoo/DMM Eikaiwa being one of them. I believe that learning through online media is the new and effective way that needs to be embraced by ESL tutors. Our company, Bibo Global Opportunity, believes in the motto: “Make the world smaller.” Through technology, we are able to make that happen.

With the growing demand for English teachers, the credentials and qualifications have risen as well. It’s not a guarantee that being a native speaker would translate to being an effective ESL teacher. But through an effective training program, it is not hard to be one. It is also important for teachers to develop their teaching skills continuously in order to optimize a positive learning experience for their students.

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