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The Right Way of Encouragement

Typically when we do something great, we always hear: “Great job!” or “Awesome!” or even “You are amazing!”

These compliments, or words of encouragement is very important to hear since it gives us a motivation to continue doing what we did great. As tutors, encouraging students happens on a daily basis. Although since it’s done very often, it doesn’t seem to have so much impact.

There is a way to improve how you can encourage your students, and it is by noticing the good. Aside from giving great positive reinforcement, you can compliment a certain behavior by mentioning it.

For example, you have a student who is not very responsive, and they only give single word answers, encourage them by explaining a better response. When they do, you can say “great sentence!” instead of the typical “great job!”

This tip might sound like a small thing, but it can be very effective. The thing with being more specific in encouraging, you will make them remember the behavior that you desired. Your students will also remember the positive mood and the good feeling they had.

Sometimes students don’t feel as motivated. Students also have different learning curves. Know their strengths and weaknesses. With this technique, you will be able to reward their strengths and you can improve their weaknesses by being specific.


Keys on Giving Feedback

Before a class ends, you are expected to give a wrap up where you go over the things you and your student did. Don’t forget to mention the title of the lesson you went through with your student. Also, mention new words you taught during the class, to help them memorize it easier. Lastly, your feedback.

Aside from the encouragement you gave them during the class, don’t forget to praise them for the efforts they made. Mention the thing they were good at. After that, you should mention their points of improvement and tips on how to sharpen their English skills..

Many tutors can be adamant in giving constructive feedback. Remember that your role is to help them improve their English skills, so never be scared of giving them constructive criticism for the fear of losing them as a regular student.

Constructive criticism can be a very difficult task because of its nature. However, this is something that should be done all the time. Take note of the mistakes they did and give suggestions on how they can improve it. When you are done, write all the new words and sentences in the lesson note.

Now that you know how to properly give positive reinforcement, and how to do a wrap-up, you will surely have a better experience tutoring. You are making your students feel better, and for you, you will have a smoother class along the way. Having said so, this might result in them to book your class again and again.

Happy teaching!


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