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A specific laptop is not required. However, older laptops may have a harder time running the newest version of Skype. Bibo uses Skype as a platform for an online classroom. Aside from Skype, you will be using Google Chrome at the same time. If your laptop is having a hard time using both programs simultaneously, it’s probably the time to buy a new one.


A good quality headset is really important when you’re working as an online English tutor. One thing you should really avoid is having audio problems. Ordinary earphones can be very glitchy, and audio might not be as clear.

We highly recommend noise-canceling earphones with a microphone. Teaching in a quiet environment is a must, but sometimes we can’t control the noise that might occur anytime. Good noise-canceling earphones can eliminate or lessen the sound of the neighbor’s dog barking, cars honking, etc.

Here are some examples of earphones you can use:

Fast, Reliable Internet Connection

A fast and steady internet connection is by far the most important thing to consider before starting as an Online English Tutor. Bibo will be conducting a series of speed tests so you can fix any issues you have with your connection before you start. We recommend checking the available internet providers and which is the best option in your area.

Try asking around (especially your neighbors) with their experience with the internet they are using. If you have the budget to spare, a Fiber internet connection is the best option.

Quiet and Presentable Background

Working at home is a very good perk of working online, however, sometimes we are not very particular with the background. As an online English tutor, you are required to conduct video classes. A presentable background is needed. If you have a cluttered room, try to find a corner where it wouldn’t look like your room was victimized by a storm.

A quiet background is really important as well. A class has a duration of 25 minutes. With such a limited time, noise can be very destructive. As an educator, it is your duty to provide a productive and quiet environment for your students. Avoid anything that will distract their attention, hence the importance of a quiet environment and a quiet background.

These are the things you should consider before you apply as an online English tutor to have a smooth application process. Good luck and happy teaching!


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