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Online classes in Bibo are 25 minutes long, (meaning that you can conduct 2 classes in an hour) and you have 5 minutes before your next class. As an online English tutor, the 5-minute breaks between classes are golden. How can you maximize this period without it feeling like a ticking time bomb? Here are a few things you can make it helpful and productive.

Run to the toilet

When we are in the zone and concentrating hard on something, sometimes we forget to go to the toilet and just continue. However, when you are conducting a class, you can’t just run to the toilet when you feel like you already need to go – and trust me, teaching and pretending you don’t have to go to the toilet is really hard. Use this 5 minutes to relieve your bladder. Students can sense if there is something wrong with their tutor, and you don’t want to them to see your discomfort.

List things down

Sometimes we get really caught up in your class that you might forget to list things down. Use this opportunity to write the things you might have missed during your lesson. Jot down and plan for your next class, or you can also use this time to write your thoughts for the class before.

Meditate and relax

I have mentioned before how meditation can be really good for managing stress. It does not require an hour to meditate, you can also do it for as short as 5 minutes. Relax your mind and prepare yourself for your next class. Teaching is fun but no easy job, having a relaxed mind can do wonders for your stress-management and your health.

Stretch and exercise

Sitting all day can be uncomfortable. Teaching is also like performing; you will use a lot of animated movements. For teaching a different language, it will help your students to understand you better if you use actions or hand gestures. Doing so all day can be tiring, so don’t forget to stretch your body and do some exercises during your break without leaving your desk. It is important to keep the blood flowing and rushing around your body. Exercise also makes the blood carry more oxygen to the brain, making you more alert for your next classes.

Check your phone

We are all addicted to our phones to some extent. As online English tutors, this is something you can’t really indulge on. Grab this chance to check your social media accounts, respond to messages or call someone quickly. When you go back to your classes, you cannot attend to your phone, so grab this chance even for a short time.

Breathe and chill

Stare at a blank wall and just take a deep breathe. Relax and worry about nothing. It is completely fine to just pause for a second and do nothing. Every 5 minute break is a well-deserved one, tutors work hard all day and a few minutes of uninterrupted alone time can be helpful. It doesn’t hurt to give your brain a break as well.

The great thing about working as an online English tutor is the liberty of creating your own schedule, but for days that will be really busy, 5 minutes breaks can be really crucial. Use them wisely and maximize your days being productive without sacrificing your mind and body.

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